Why Ceramics?

Technical ceramics are hard inorganic, nonmetallic materials with an impressive capability to hold their properties under extreme environments requiring excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical wear resistances. Other materials may excel in one area, but advanced technical ceramics uniquely combine high-performance properties for demanding applications.

Choose one of four typical properties of ceramics below for more information and the applications where excel against other materials.

Every design is based on a set constraints, requiring certain material strengths to be emphasized.

Because of the unique capability to fine-tune the composition of each ceramic, CAPA can offer a large range of material properties. Through careful consideration, each ceramic material can be selected according to your specified application.

When you need a material with multiple high-performance properties, consider CAPA advanced technical ceramics.

Navigating the interchange of design work and material properties can be simplified by choosing the correct material to work with at the beginning.