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  • Semiconductor/ LCD Processing Equipment

    With high rigidity, outstanding physical and chemical resistance, and excellent plasma resistance, ceramics are widely used in Semiconductor industry, such as:


    ● Polishing plates ● Anti-plasma products ● Large parts for LCD processing equipment ● Domes, chambers ● Vacuum chucks ● Electrostatic Chucks (ESCs) ● Carrying arms

  • Hardness Stiffness
  • Semiconductor/liquid crystal display processing equipment
  • Substrates
  • Igniters & products for heaters

    CAPA offers ceramic igniters for hot surface ignition systems in heating applications. These high strength, heat resistant ceramic igniters have become an industry standard in gas heating systems. Their superior materials and rapid heating capabilities provide reliable performance over a long useful life. 


    ● Gas heating systems ● Ovens/ranges ● Dryers ● And more

  • Hardness Stiffness High temperature strength
  • Semiconductor/liquid crystal display processing equipment
  • Substrates
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